Cad - Cam system

Our engineering department has sophisticated software for the creation of projects from the start, or we can import a large amount of different formats, such as IGES, DXF, STEP, STL and many other formats.


CAM system – i.e. computer-aided manufacturing – is used to program and control the operations of the robotic machines and generate tool paths designed to reproduce the CAD model.

The application of the CAM software is adaptable to any type of tool machines, milling, turning, electron machining and etching.


Software: Delcam  [Powershape, Powermill, Featurecam]


The CAD system was developed in the early 70’s by the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” and it has become a fundamental tool for all the professionals in this field for the design and the display of a product, thanks also to the following factors : Internet, a simplified use of the computer due to the spread of graphical user interfaces and the significant reduction in hardware costs.

Currently it is heavily used in the design and mechanical design.


The term CAD/CAM refers to the integrated use of software systems for the design and the joint production of industrial products.


These two integrated systems have acquired a fundamental importance especially in automation and allow the user to perform multiple operations, such as the following:


– Download of a geometric model from a file in an interchange format, usually created by a CAD program.

 – Creation of instructions for the tool machine, saved in a text file with the aid of a post processor and graphic example of the generated tool-path.

An example of the screens of our processing software
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