Milling is a cold processing technique much used for the shaping of alloy steels, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals.


This technique consists in etching uniformly the surface to be treated, at a depth modifiable as needed, using a closed-cycle machine, dust-free. The milling is carried out by means of milling cutters mounted on tool machines called millers. It can also be performed in 5 axes simultaneously.


The milling is a very careful processing, it is carried out by milling cutters that remove the chips from the pieces of metal to be treated: the rotating blades of the cutter remove metal from the piece when this is in interference with it.


The milling is currently largely used for the machining of metal work-pieces, especially in the automotive sector, for plastic moulds, die-casting and precision-mechanics in general. It is divided into 2 processing steps:


  • Rough machining: the work cycle normally consists of a first step of roughing, where the chip removal is done quickly and economically, leaving a small percentage of metal for the subsequent finishing step, where the exceeding parts are removed to reach the estimated size, thus achieving a better surface quality.


  • Finish: this second step is needed to reach the desired dimensions of the product and to reduce the roughness of its surface.


Milling is used:

  • To produce high precision machined parts
  • To produce prototypes or series parts being the machines equipped with pallet changer and tool storage for 100 seats.


The metals milling requires modern machinery and special skills. MecTec is specialized in the production of precision mechanical works. It is equipped with linear machines and high speed spindles able to rectify any shape with any hardness, with a degree of roughness of 0,02 Ra and micrometric tolerances.

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