Laser welding

As shown, laser welding enables to achieve higher process speed and higher penetration levels compared to traditional welding technologies. This technique is highly advanced in terms of thermal expansion, reduction of imperfections such as porosity, high reduction of the heat affected zone, granting in any case very good mechanical characteristics.


Laser welding is a new technology that allows you to repair moulds, inserts and other  details through the transfer of material in Argon atmosphere.


This technique ensures efficiency, high productivity and precision in the welding process guaranteeing an economical and advanced production model.


The advanced tools that MecTec uses allow us to adopt laser welding in many applications in such fields as automotive, electronics, IT and media, medical and aerospace.


Many are the advantages of laser welding:


  • Introduction of limited heat and no contact needed
  • Minimum deformation of parts
  • No tools
  • Minimal metallurgical damage
  • Extreme robustness
  • Very high speed
  • Easy integration in production equipment
  • Reduced welding cost in high volume applications


The advantages of laser welding compared with other methods of soldering are:


  • The weld bead may be very small (a few tenths) and the zones near the welded area are not affected.
  • Repairs even in positions that are difficult to reach, such as caves or holes, and on complex areas such as edges, corners, canals.
  • Very reduced heat, almost cold; it is not necessary to pre-heat the piece.
  • Soldering  of many materials such as steel (hardness even up to 60 HRC), aluminium, bronze and copper alloys, titanium.